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DawentsIT: 10 Things In Technology You Need To Know This Wednesday-

DawentsIT: This is the Technology News you need to know this Wednesday-

1.Google’s parent company just reached an agreement with Toronto to plan a $50 million high-tech neighborhood. On Tuesday, Waterfront Toronto’s board unanimously agreed to work with Sidewalk Labs (an arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet) to develop a 12-acre swath of the city into a high-tech neighborhood.

2.Apple beat profit and revenue expectations with impressive earnings on Tuesday, and it hinted at a big September iPhone launch. Apple’s revenue growth from services was a particular highlight, rising 31% year over year to $9.54 billion.

3.Apple sold 13% fewer Macs this quarter, proving that its future hinges on the iPhone and iPad. While Apple says that it’s investing in the Mac, it’s also had a series of MacBook Pro-related embarrassments that have caused some to doubt its focus.

4.Martin Tripp, the ex-Tesla employee Elon Musk called a ‘horrible human being’, slapped the company with a countersuit alleging defamation. Tripp is a former employee at Tesla’s Gigafactory, and filed a countersuit against the company alleging that Tesla is not living up to its mission to improve the environment.

5.Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s are holding their annual seaside hoop-la, the star-studded Google Camp. Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey, and Bradley Cooper are all rumoured to be guests at the get-together, which is taking place in Sicily.

6.Apple CEO Tim Cook hit out at President Trump’s tariffs, saying they translate to a tax for the consumer. He said that the tariffs haven’t hurt Apple yet, though the company is analyzing whether or not the latest round of proposed tariffs could have direct or indirect impacts on its business.

7.Former Tesla employees are suing the company alleging discrimination, harassment, and a system where SolarCity employees faked sales numbers. Three former Tesla energy salespeople claim they were subject to harassment, discrimination, and inadequate pay in a lawsuit against the company filed on July 25 in San Diego County Superior Court.

8.Facebook detected a coordinated effort to influence US politics ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Facebook told lawmakers on Capitol Hill about the effort this week, but said it doesn’t know definitively who is behind it.

9.MoviePass is imposing new restrictions to its app as it tries to cut its cash burn. It’s no longer guaranteeing that every movie showtime will be available on the app, CEO Mitch Lowe told customers on Tuesday.

10.Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said Wikipedia is “absolutely never” going to get involved with cryptocurrency. That’s after Wales appeared at a blockchain conference to give a talk, but he said he had doubts about the technology.

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