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DawentsIT: 10 Things In Technology You Need To Know This Friday-

DawentsIT: This is the Technology news you need to know this Friday-

1.Dropbox crushed Wall Street expectations on earnings, but a key exec, Chief Operating Officer Dennis Woodside, is stepping down. His departure corresponds with Dropbox’s lock-up period for employees, which dictates how soon they can sell their stock after a company goes public.

2.A CNN investigation found InfoWars violated Twitter’s rules, despite the company’s claims otherwise. CNN found that much of the content that to Jones being banned from other platforms had also been posted to Twitter.

3.Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 with the same price tag as the iPhone X. The Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s largest smartphone model to date, with a 6.

4-inch screen, and it comes with an S Pen stylus. 4.The SEC is reportedly ‘intensifying’ its examination of Tesla after Elon Musk tweeted about taking the company private. According to Bloomberg, the agency had already been gathering information about statements Tesla has made regarding sales and manufacturing targets.

5.Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Watch, its $330 answer to the Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch is a fitness-focused smartwatch. It’s waterproof, has LTE connectivity, and gets “several days” of battery life on a single charge.

6.WeWork has raised another $1 billion in debt from one of its biggest investors, SoftBank. The new slug of cash took the form of a convertible loan note.

7.Microsoft threatens to boot, Gab, a social network popular with the far-right, off its cloud over posts that threatened Jews with ‘vengeance’. Microsoft has given Gab a 48-hour deadline to delete the offending posts.

8.Tesla’s board may reportedly tell Elon Musk to recuse himself from talks about taking the company private. The board reportedly plans to meet with financial advisors to determine how it will explore the idea of converting Tesla into a private company and has told Musk that he must consult a separate, personal set of advisors.

9.Samsung is partnering with Spotify across all of its devices. It means the music streaming service will be much more integrated into Samsung hardware and services.

10. A former Tesla engineer has returned to Apple to work on its electric car project, according to Apple watcher and blogger John Gruber. The rumour suggests Apple still has an interest in making vehicles despite reportedly scaling back the project.

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