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DawentsIT Intelligence

At DawentsIT Intelligence, we focus on the technologies and digital strategies driving success for today’s leading businesses. We publish market data, trend analysis, case studies, and proprietary survey data for executives.

Our subscribers come to us because of what we cover and how we cover it.

Here’s why our subscribers love us:

We cover the newest digital and tech trends disrupting their business. We publish our reports on topics and trends before they’re buzzwords, so you have what you need, exactly when you need it.

No jargon, well explain disruptive, complex topics simply. And we give you context so you know how big, how soon, how impactful. And all of our analysis has accompanying charts and downloadable Excels. you can pop it into a presentation deck or download the chart and sort/cut the data.

And our newest additional type of content. We now publish case studies on the latest technologies and strategies. Our case studies give you a quick overview of a new technology or trend and interview the executives leading the charge. And we include their failures and missteps too , because sometimes those examples are the most important.

Your job is to figure out which bets you should take and which direction your team or your department or your company should go in. So as you’re building your 2019 roadmap, take a minute and check us out. We’re covering the technologies and trends you’ve been checking out from artificial intelligence to blockchain, and we’ll help you get up to speed, fast. And we offer a free guarantee, so you can decide for yourself.

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Director's Biography In Summary

Mr. Asikhia Sunnydon is a Nigerian trained Businessman, having worked with the major players of the larger and vastly competitive economies in Africa and beyond. He prides himself as a veteran who has witnessed enough, one who is adequately knowledgeable and effectively qualified to be a force in the African Business/Corporate environment.

His passion for developing products for the emerging generation in Africa and also closing the gap between the older entrepreneur and the young ones led to the founding of his latest company, Dawents Inc. in 2013(a company poised to help African companies tackle the problem of Information Technology).
He lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sunnydon is a man who lives the best life he can – constantly observing and learning. He is sensitive, sincere, honest, warm, kind, caring, and very affectionate. He is also outgoing, love to smile and laugh,Hard working and can be pretty playful.He is passionate about the people and things he believes in.He also considers himself to be pretty adventurous and spontaneous.

Director’s Email : Sunnydon@dawentsit.com
My Twitter Account : @sasikhia

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