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Happy Memorial Day, DawentsIT Readers. I’m DawentsIT, and I’m excited that the French Open main draw is in full swing today.

Let’s dive into today’s Tech:


1.ChatGPT helped these people earn more money and become better at their jobs. Many people are using ChatGPT to level up their work. Insider profiled four of them about how it has made their jobs easier: a recruiter, broker, entrepreneur, and chief marketing officer.

*They each use the technology for different aspects of their roles. One of them likened the technology to “having a 24/7 assistant.” Another uses ChatGPT as their chief technology officer.
*They each took us behind the scenes of how ChatGPT helps with their specific tasks. But the common thread among their experiences is how much time ChatGPT saves them.
*My colleague Jack Sommers gathered their profiles and highlighted how these workers turbocharged their jobs with technology.

In Other News:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News You Need To Know
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

2.”I run a homeschool agency for clients like Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian.” It’s a one-stop shop for families whose lifestyles didn’t align with traditional schooling. Tiffany Sorya shares what it’s like catering education for the ultra-rich.

3.This couple rents properties to sublet them on platforms like Airbnb. Nathan and Taniera Turner turned to this side hustle after both got laid off at the start of the pandemic. Now, they’ve scaled up to 25 different properties.

4.ChatGPT is a “black swan event.” These rare events occur when something unforeseen happens with far-reaching impacts — but in hindsight, it looked inevitable. Many signs (like how ChatGPT blew up Big Tech) point to it qualifying.

5.Amazon gave up on its climate pledge. The e-commerce giant previously promised to make half its shipments net-zero carbon by 2030. It recently reversed course and even deleted the blog post announcing its initiative.

6.”Remote-first” Robinhood is going back in-person. CEO Vladimir Tenev ordered employees back to the office four days per week, starting in September. He wrote, “there is value in us being together,” in the email.

7.The bare-bones Tesla Cybertruck interior. We might just have gotten a first look inside the Tesla Cybertruck. Photos — allegedly from a shareholder day — began circulating online. And the interior is shockingly minimalistic.

8.$20,000 doesn’t go far for a car. Around five years ago, 60% of used cars were under $20,000. Now, only around 30% of used cars are under that pricepoint.

Odds And Ends:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News You Need To Know
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

9.The world’s largest polymer 3D printer. It’s like a massive glue gun with hundreds of settings. The gigantic device (60-feet long and 10-feet tall) helped print a 600-square foot tiny home in Maine.

10.ChatGPT might leave Europe. CEO Sam Altman is concerned about the EU’s AI regulations. He said OpenAI will try complying with the new rules. But if it can’t, the company — and ChatGPT — could “cease operating” there.
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