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Anyways, let’s dive into today’s Tech:


1.Shopify employees and experts brace for shakeup. The e-commerce software company has pivoted strategies multiple times for its logistics operations. Shopify was trying to lure sellers away from Amazon by offering a seamless shipping experience. But that plan now appears to be in flux.

*A vital part of that competition was warehouses — just like Amazon’s model. But in recent chats, company leadership indicated that it’s dialing back on this strategy.
*Oppenheimer analyst Ken Wong told Insider that Shopify had planned to open and operate five or six warehouses. But he said the company could probably now make do with two instead, which will likely appease investors who were skittish about this plan.
*Ahead of earnings, my colleagues Madeline Stone and Emma Cosgrove preview what could soon hit Shopify (especially as layoff rumors circulated the company for weeks.)

In Other News:

2.Uber wants to predict your habits. It just applied for a patent that could mean a driver is waiting for you before you even order a car.

3.Google tells employees to limit publishing AI research. Google’s previous research laid the AI foundation for the companies it now competes against. Employees say upper management has set the tone that they need to “compete and keep knowledge in house.”

4.Police bodycam video shows Derrick Palmer, the vice president of the Amazon Labor Union, admitting to strangling his girlfriend. If he’s convicted, Palmer could be blocked from serving as a union officer.

5.Utah residents can’t access Pornhub anymore. The state just enacted a law that requires age verification to access adult content. So Pornhub is blocking access as a way to protest the new requirement.

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News You Need To Know
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

6.Lebron James has had conversations about buying Complex Networks. Multiple sources told Insider that his company, SpringHill Co., has internally discussed offering around $100 million to buy Complex from Buzzfeed.

7.Apple and Google team up. AirTags and other tracking devices have been used to stalk people without their consent. So the competitors are working together on phone software to combat this fatal trend.

8.Think twice before decking out your EV. Insider’s car connoisseur Tim Levin breaks down the pros and cons of upgrading your EV to an all-wheel drive. Driving range is a major factor. Hit the gas — erm, accelerator.

Odds and Ends:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

9.Former F16 pilot says there’s ‘no fighting chance’ over Ukraine. The embattled country has repeatedly asked the US for fourth-gen fighter jets. But experts say these aircrafts don’t stand a chance against Russia.

10.New Starbucks CEO shares what it was like working in stores. Every month, Laxman Narasimhan (learn all about him here) spent half a day working behind a Starbucks counter. He said the bev innovation is strong, while food is lagging.
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