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10 Things In Technology News Today

1. **Google’s Privacy Settlement**: Google has agreed to destroy **billions of data records** to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of secretly tracking the internet use of individuals who believed they were browsing privately. This move aims to address consumer privacy concerns.

In Other News:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News Today-
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

2. **OpenAI’s Accessibility Update**: OpenAI has made its language model, **ChatGPT**, accessible without requiring sign-ups. This change allows more users to benefit from the capabilities of ChatGPT without any barriers.

3. **Trump’s Media Company Shares Plummet**: Shares of **Trump’s media company** have dropped by **23%** after disclosing significant losses for the previous year. The company faces challenges in the competitive media landscape.

4. **Microsoft’s Antitrust Measures**: In response to antitrust scrutiny, Microsoft is **separating Teams and Office** globally. This move aims to address concerns related to market dominance and competition.

5. **Bitcoin Dominates Q1 Focus**: Despite a broadening landscape of US ETFs, the focus in Q1 remains on **bitcoin** and its impact on the financial markets.

6. **Civil Rights Groups Oppose Inmate Punishment**: Efforts to punish US federal inmates for social media use have drawn criticism from **civil rights groups**¹. Advocates argue that such measures may infringe on inmates’ rights.

7. **Advent’s Acquisition of Nuvei**: Private equity firm **Advent International** is set to acquire Canada’s **Nuvei**, a payments technology company backed by actor Ryan Reynolds. The deal is valued at **$6.3 billion**.

8. **Rakuten Group’s Integration Plans**: The **Rakuten Group** intends to integrate its bank and fintech units, streamlining its financial services offerings.

Odds and Ends:

9. **Twilio’s Board Appointment**: Sachem Head partner Andy Stafman** has been appointed to Twilio’s board, bringing expertise and insights to the company.

10. **Xiaomi’s EV Delivery Delays**: Buyers of **Xiaomi’s electric vehicles** are facing month-long waits for deliveries, indicating robust demand for the company’s EVs.
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