DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Friday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news you need to know this Friday:

1.LinkedIn is shutting down its Chinese site. The company is sunsetting its local site after drawing criticism for censoring profiles with content considered offensive to the country’s government. It will be replaced by InJobs, a job application site with no social feed.
2.Self-driving Waymo cars are flocking to the same dead-end street in San Francisco — and no one knows why. Residents said the autonomous cars are flooding their street, with one estimating that as many as 50 cars come in a day.
3.Elon Musk congratulated Jeff Bezos on Wednesday’s Blue Origin flight. Despite the CEOs’ years of beef, Musk said it was “cool” to send 90-year-old Star Trek star William Shatner to space.
4.Facebook told staff it would seal off some internal message boards to prevent leaking. The change was immediately leaked. Amid a series of leaks, the company said some groups about platform safety would be made private — but someone quickly leaked that decision, The New York Times reported.
5.A Cisco leader who encouraged TikTok followers to report strippers to the IRS has been let go. Influencer Ethan Keiser, who told his followers they could make money by reporting strippers, is no longer employed by Cisco — and strippers have said he made their harassment worse than it already was.
6.House Democrats are taking aim at algorithms. Axios reported that a new bill would remove websites’ protections if recommended content leads to real-world harm.
7.The latest job market trend? Boomerang employees. Workers who quit during the pandemic are starting to ask for their old jobs back, earning them the title of “boomerang employees.” And while it used to be rare for employers to rehire quitters, many are welcoming back ex-employees with open arms.
8.Facebook is working on AI tech that will monitor your every move. As part of its push to create smart glasses that are as useful as smart phones, the company is working on tech that will monitor human life so it can see and hear the world like humans do.
9.Google Cloud has lost its third senior exec in Europe in six months. Google Cloud’s VP of operations in the EMEA regions is the latest senior leader to quit, after only 18 months with the company.
10.Amazon sellers will be acquired at an unprecedented rate next year. A new survey shows that more than 1,000 third-party sellers will be acquired — and many buyers say they will pay anything for these businesses.
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