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10 Things In Technology News Today

1. **Amazon Web Services (AWS) Job Cuts**: AWS has eliminated several hundred sales, marketing, and tech roles, continuing a series of job cuts by its parent company, Amazon.com.

In Other News:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News Today-
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

2. **EU Drops Sovereignty Requirements in Cybersecurity Certification**: The EU has removed sovereignty requirements in its cybersecurity certification scheme.

3. **Meta’s WhatsApp Outage**: Meta’s WhatsApp experienced an outage affecting thousands of users.

4. **Samsung’s Profit Surge**: Samsung’s profit is likely the biggest in six quarters due to higher chip prices.

5. **Google’s AI-Powered Search Engine**: Google plans to charge for its AI-powered search engine.

6. **Antitrust Concerns**: EU’s Vestager may act if Microsoft’s poaching of Inflection staff signals a wider trend.

7. **Intel’s Foundry Business Loss**: Intel’s foundry business loss highlights a gap with rival TSMC.

8. **SK Hynix’s Investment**: Nvidia supplier SK Hynix will invest $3.87 billion in a US chip packaging plant.

Odds and Ends:

9. **Taiwan Earthquake Impact**: A Taiwan earthquake may disrupt chip output and Asia’s supply chain.

10. ****Insider Trading Case**: Two individuals plead guilty to insider trading related to Kodak before Trump’s loan announcement.
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I hope you enjoyed this summary of 10 things in technology news today. These highlights provide a glimpse into the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of technology, from cybersecurity incidents and legal battles to strategic international partnerships and advancements in AI.

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