DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Thursday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news you need to know this Thursday-

DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Thursday-DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Thursday-

1.Microsoft is pulling the plug on Internet Explorer next year.It will be replaced by Microsoft Edge, which offers more speed and security. RIP to the 25-year-old web browser.
2.Ford debuted its all-electric F-150 truck.The battery-powered truck starts at $40,000 and goes on sale in spring 2022.
3.Miami’s mayor is “very serious” about working with Elon Musk to build a tunnel beneath the city.Francis Suarez said the project isn’t just a pipe dream, nor is it a joke. The question is, can he get it done? Our interview with the mayor explores what it would take to make it happen.
4.The cofounder of TikTok’s parent company, Zhang Yiming, has stepped down as CEO.Zhang told employees at ByteDance he’s not the ‘ideal manager’ and wanted a role that didn’t involve overseeing people.
5.Elon Musk tweeted a “diamond hands” meme as bitcoin continues to crash.The tweet references a meme from Reddit’s Wall Street Bets forum, and indicates Tesla is holding on to its cache of bitcoin.
6.Peloton added a password-protected lock screen to its recalled Tread+.The safety update is for customers who don’t want to return their treadmill, and will automatically lock the machine when it’s not in use.
7.Bill Gates transferred $850 million in shares to Melinda French Gates.This brings the total transfers since their divorce to nearly $4 billion. In other news, Bill Gates was seen wearing a wedding band yesterday, two weeks after the pair announced their divorce.
8.Travelers slam Airbnb for excessive cleaning fees and rules.As travel restrictions loosen and Airbnb sees a surge in demand, guests are taking to social media to show what they paid in fees — some totaling more than the nightly rate of the rental itself.
9.We outlined the power players behind the WarnerMedia-Discovery marriage.The merger brought together some big names from Wall Street’s top technology, media, and telecom advisory shops.
10.Salesforce launched a new program meant to improve the work experience for Black women employees.The announcement comes after two former employees posted resignation letters criticizing Salesforce’s culture and diversity and inclusion efforts.

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