DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Thursday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news that you need to know this Thursday-

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-

1.Bill Gates hosted nude pool parties and “got drunk pretty easily,” insiders say.Biographer James Wallace said Gates went to a Seattle all-nude strip club and invited dancers to come swim in his pool.
2.AI can help reduce inequity in credit access.That’s one of the many stories from a new Insider series exploring the real cost of inequity — not to be confused with inequality.
3.Facebook just changed how it reviews employee performance.One employee said it could be a sign the social-media giant is maturing and attracting different kinds of employees.
4.Amazon wants the FTC’s new chair removed from any enforcement decisions surrounding the company.It filed a 25-page request to have big tech critic Lina Khan removed from any decisions, including FTC’s current review of Amazon’s MGM acquisition, and an antitrust investigation.
5.Lime just debuted a new mode of ride-sharing transportation: mopeds.Lime, which is best known for its e-scooters, recently launched a moped-sharing service in NYC.
6.Andy Jassy started as Jeff Bezos’ “shadow” — then turned AWS into a $40 billion business.Plus, he was tapped as the next CEO of Amazon, a position he’ll take on July 5.
7.Elon Musk suggests Starlink will be available worldwide a month earlier than planned.The Tesla CEO said it could be available in August, but Musk also said Starlink will need up to $30 billion to survive, saying: “if we succeed in not going bankrupt, then that’ll be great.”
8.Some Uber drivers say a glitch is charging them, rather than paying them, for rides.One driver lost $50 on a single journey — so they quit the app.
9.Google is radically changing the way you search online with the biggest search shake-up in years.We spoke with a top executive who laid out the timeline for some dramatic changes to the way people use Search.
10.SentinelOne’s first investor also wrote Zoom’s first check without hearing a pitch.SentinelOne, which surged 17% in its first day of trading in what was likely the biggest cybersecurity IPO ever, saw support from Dan Scheinman, who blindly supported Zoom.

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