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Hello, Friends! Thousands of pairs of AirPods have been stockpiled due to a security issue, and we’re sharing the best Hulu original series to start streaming now.

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1.Thousands of used AirPods are being stockpiled due to a security issue. Some owners of refurbished AirPods are being warned the headphones still belong to the previous owner, ​​affecting sales of thousands of refurbished AirPods.

*For a refurbisher that handles returns for Walmart and other retailers, the issue affects about eight in 10 AirPods that come through the company’s facilities — forcing them to stockpile over 30,000 pairs that should have already been resold.
*This is the latest example of Apple building products that not only don’t have an end-of-life plan generally, but aren’t recycle or return friendly, either.
*“It shows an underlying strategy at Apple, which is to lock down and control every aspect of experience,” said the CEO of gadget-repair website iFixit.

In Other News:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-

2.The final episode of Hulu’s “The Dropout” is available to stream today. As the drama detailing the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes’ startup Theranos comes to a close, we’ve outlined the best Hulu original series to start next. From “Dopesick” to “The Great.”

3.Amazon’s goal to deliver 1 million packages via drone in 2025 will come with a hefty price tag. Leaked documents show the average cost for a package delivered by drone will be $63 — whereas Amazon’s current on-the-ground per package delivery cost is estimated to be less than $5.50. A look at Amazon’s expensive ambition to drop packages from the sky.

4.Meta has plans to add virtual coins, tokens, and lending services to its apps. According to The Financial Times, Facebook’s parent company is exploring the creation of a virtual currency, which some employees have taken to calling “Zuck Bucks.”

5.A former Tesla board member told Twitter to “put on your track shoes.” In an interview with Bloomberg, Steve Westly said Twitter executives will have to learn to work at Musk’s pace.

6.Amazon is bumping prices for its Music Unlimited plan.The increase is taking the plan from $7.99 to $8.99 per month, or from $79 to $89 per year for Prime members, the company announced.

7.Big Banks and tech giants duke it out in… Texas. Wall Street firms are looking to hire from the state for top talent to work on cryptocurrencies — and poaching from top tech companies like Oracle, Amazon, and Dell.

8.Facebook groups have become an essential tool for Ukrainians fleeing to Poland. “Host A Sister,” a Facebook group that helps women travelers find housing, is becoming a lifeline for women looking for food and shelter amid Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukraine.

9.Embattled mortgage startup Better has offered some remaining employees voluntary layoffs. After terminating 4,000 people in the last five months, the company offered employees in some departments 60 working days of severance pay and healthcare benefits.

10. Need to tune an instrument? Google can help with that. The search engine has a built-in tool for tuning your musical instruments.
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