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All Things Technology News You Need To Know Today

DawentsIT: All Things Technology News You Need To Know
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

1.Iconic light-up taxi ads are coming to Ubers. The ride-sharing company is looking more and more like the taxi industry it disrupted. Its latest update is billboards on top of cars.

In Other News:

2.ChatGPT is getting stronger. The buzzy chatbot from OpenAI just got a fancy new update. It’ll be able to understand images, and breaking its rules will become much harder.

3.Oracle is playing return-to-office roulette. Employees will find out within the next 30 days whether they need to return to the office, per a leaked email. They’ll each be categorized as in-office, flex, or remote.

4.Laid off US tech employees were wrecked. Their European counterparts fared much better. Instead of suddenly being out of a job, European workers could get better severance packages, more advance notice, or even contest their layoff.

5.Kia just revealed its three-row electric SUV. It features bold edges and sculpted corners. Plus, the second row of seats can swivel 180 degrees.

6.A leaked email shows Amazon has been working behind the scenes on AI. Software engineers have been encouraged to use Amazon’s ChatGPT competitor at work, according to the internal message.

7.Venture capitalists have never been more divided. VCs are arguing with each other in public over who killed their beloved Silicon Valley Bank. Usually, the industry is known for being collegial – but now, they are airing their dirty laundry for the world to see.

8.You’re a jerk (I know). That coworker who’s brilliant — but a horrible person — better watch out. With AI automating many tasks, employers are now looking for soft and technical skills. That leaves little room for unpleasant collaborators and icy communicators.

Strong people skills are vital in an increasingly automated world. Companies want employees who can bring a team together. And this could eradicate the enduring tech stereotype of the gifted worker with a jerk personality.
People skills could become as valuable as coding capabilities, according to experts. Other in-demand soft skills could include a willingness to learn, strategic thinking, and ability to mesh with a team.
My teammate Emilia David breaks down how contemptible coworkers could get phased out in the near future.

Odds and Ends:

9.Flight attendants reveal eight things people might not know about the job. They rush through boarding, since they’re usually not paid until the doors close. And they aren’t allowed to accept tips to upgrade passengers.

10.No clothes on: What managing a ‘textile-free’ spa is like. Felix Kühn manages a German spa that requires guests to be naked to access the pool and sauna.
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