DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Tuesday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news you need to know this Tuesday-

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-

1.Andy Jassy has started as Amazon’s new CEO, replacing Jeff Bezos.His first 100 days will set the tone for his leadership, and he’ll have to tackle issues like improving workplace conditions and unionization.
2.Billionaire Richard Branson aims to fly to the edge of space before Jeff Bezos.Virgin Galactic announced it was planning to launch Branson aboard a flight as early as July 11; Bezos is expected to launch July 20. But the CEO of Blue Origin says Bezos will fly higher.
3.The woman who just led Turkey’s first Nasdaq listing says society remains biased about male and female roles.Hanzade Dogan is a founder of Turkey’s Amazon, Hepsiburada, which went public at a $3.5 billion valuation.
4.China ordered the removal of the Didi ridehailing app from stores. The suspension comes days after the tech giant went public in New York.
5.A Gen Z VC negotiated for a paid apartment, car, tuition and other compensation perks.His employer, an east coast VC fund, agreed to a lower base pay with a rare compensation package.
6.Jeff Bezos had a number of flops under his watch.Bezos famously embraces failure as a part of doing business — even when it results in billions in losses. From a multiplayer game to Amazon Restaurants.
7.Trump’s social app GETTR is off to a rocky start, with the service and several high-profile accounts experiencing hacks and security bugs.The platform’s most popular verified users, mostly former Trump aides, had their accounts compromised on Sunday and GETTR’s official support page was also targeted.
8.Google’s AI chief Jeff Dean sparked controversy after trying to attract marginalized groups to a research program.Critics pointed out that the company had not publicly resolved an ongoing spat between two AI researchers it fired. Dean ended up deleting his tweet.
9.Top VCs shared their 10 picks for the most promising crypto startups of 2021.From non-fungible tokens to decentralized finance and cryptocurrency.
10.We looked at 35 of Google’s most powerful executives in Europe, covering everything from AI to regulation.Google faces numerous challenges in Europe, where it has been fined to the tune of almost $10 billion on antitrust grounds.

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