DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Tuesday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news you need to know this Tuesday-

1.Amazon’s AI-powered cameras reportedly punish drivers when other cars cut them off.Delivery drivers can also face punishment for using side mirrors, which can hurt their chances of earning more money, per Motherboard.
2.Tesla is under investigation for a fatal Florida crash.The National Transport Safety Board is sending investigators to look into a fatal crash that left two dead when a Tesla Model 3 hit a tree.It remains unclear whether the vehicle was using Autopilot.
3.Uber employees are wondering why the company is now worth less than DoorDash.The Uber Eats delivery business has fallen far behind DoorDash, and a former Uber exec called the sagging valuation a “nightmare.”
4.Twitter will pay $809 million to settle a class-action suit about user engagement.The lawsuit alleged Twitter misled investors about the level of engagement by users on the social media platform.
5.A spat with the SEC led Coinbase to abandon its plans for a crypto lending program.As SEC chief Gary Gensler hardens his stance on digital asset regulations, “Lend” won’t be part of Coinbase’s plans for the future.
6.A TikToker redesigned the Nascar, Tinder, and Tampax logos — and the brands used them for their profile pics.Creator Emily Zugay’s low-quality reimaginings said she made “repulsive but believable” designs in an effort to create intentionally awful art. Zugay could not believe it when major companies began interacting with her TikTok.
7.Apple released its new iOS 15 yesterday.Upgrading brings a slew of new features, per Gizmodo — including Focus, a similar but revamped feature of Do Not Disturb.
8.Soccer NFT trading platform Sorare has just raised $680 million.The company, which is now France’s most-valuable tech startup at a $4.3 billion valuation, secured the funds in a round led by SoftBank.
9.Softbank is close to locking in a new big office in Miami, joining other tech giants like Microsoft and Spotify.The startup backer is the latest addition to what Miami mayor Francis Suarez has called the “Silicon Valley of the South.”
10.Shopify just beat out Amazon in the latest competition between the ecommerce giants.Shopify sites drew more online traffic than Amazon’s for the first time last quarter, reflecting the former’s rapidly growing reach across the digital shopping landscape.
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