DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Tuesday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news you need to know this Tuesday:

1.Facebook had a rough day yesterday. Following whistleblower Frances Haugen’s interview on 60 Minutes (watch a clip here), Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth took a nosedive, dipping by $7 billion in a matter of hours.
What’s behind the nosedive: A stock selloff caused the company to fall 5% after widespread outages plagued every Facebook-owned app — like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger — on Monday. The outages also affected Facebook’s internal platforms, bringing work to a screeching halt. One Instagram boss said it felt like “a snow day.”
This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from the whistleblower: Haugen will testify about Facebook’s practices and the platform’s effects on children before Congress today at 10 a.m. ET.
2.Ozy Media is… back? Even after its board of directors voted to shutter the company after a string of scandals, Ozy’s CEO Carlos Watson declared the company was not, in fact, dead.
3.Blue Origin whistleblower says she lost faith in Jeff Bezos fixing the company’s toxic culture. The former employee said Bezos was a proponent of putting arbitration clauses — which keep employees from taking their employers to court — in staff contracts.
4.SNL poked fun at the billionaire space race. In a new sketch, SNL mocked Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk’s space tourism efforts, and had Owen Wilson playing Bezos on his “midlife crisis of epic proportions.”
5.This writer test-drove “China’s answer to Tesla.” Car-manufacturer Nio’s ET7 is a luxury electric vehicle that’s ready for autonomous driving — and the writer found that it was like driving an airplane.
6.Workers with years of experience are struggling to land tech roles. We spoke with three millennials trying to land a job in the tech industry — one of whom has worked for Microsoft and Facebook — who are applying to internships and junior roles because they say they can’t get a job.
7.TikTok owner ByteDance is building an international shopping platform. The service, which will take on Alibaba and Amazon, could either be integrated into TikTok or have its own app.
8.Tesla has accused Rivian of stealing trade secrets and poaching staff even after Tesla filed a lawsuit in 2020. Per Bloomberg, Tesla is accusing rival EV-maker Rivian of stealing “highly proprietary” battery tech this summer.
9.Tech giants use a little-known tool to quietly enter contracts with ICE and CBP. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft use third parties or act as contractors to sell their tech to US immigration agencies, a strategy that shields them from public scrutiny and employee backlash.
10.Gopuff’s rampant growth created “a downward spiral into chaos.” As the company grew, so too did cases of fraud and the amount of unsold inventory. Employees told us Gopuff has a supply-chain problem — and managers described throwing away thousands of dollars’ worth of food every day.
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