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Hi Readers. Amazon has knowingly tricked people into signing up for Prime subscriptions, and an SNL star is headed to space this month.

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1.Amazon has known for years that it funneled people into signing up for an Amazon Prime subscription without them realizing it. The Federal Trade Commission has asked Amazon about whether it tricked customers into signing up for Prime subscriptions. Internal documents show that some employees felt it did.

*Since at least 2017, the company has been concerned that user interface designs on Amazon.com have led customers to feel manipulated into signing up for Prime.
*Amazon executives were aware customers felt tricked. Plans to clarify the sign-up process were considered, but shelved because they reduced overall subscription growth, the documents show.
*“We have been deliberately confusing,” one former employee told Insider. “It’s very un-Amazonian in terms of customer obsession.”

In other news:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-

2.iOS 15.4 has been released. Apple’s latest iPhone operating system comes with a few updates, like the ability to unlock a phone while wearing a mask, and 37 fun new emojis — like a smiley face holding back tears.

3.Lyft is adding a temporary surcharge. As fuel prices increase nationwide, the ride-hailing company has announced it will be implementing extra fees that will go to drivers, following Uber’s similar announcement.

4.Elon Musk challenged Vladimir Putin to a duel in a bizarre tweet. The Tesla CEO invited the Russian president to “single combat,” adding, “Stakes are Ukraine.” He also tweeted at the Russian presidency’s official account.

5.Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff shares the books that inspired his leadership style. To get a sense of what shaped Benioff’s perspectives on tech, leadership, and mindfulness, we asked him which books he recommends. He gave us a list that includes titles by Matthew McConaughey, Michael Dell, and the Dalai Lama.

6.Meta clarifies that it won’t allow content that calls for assassinating heads of state like Putin. After Reuters reported the company would approve content encouraging the death of Russia’s president, Meta narrowed its policy.

7.Google employees are grilling leadership over the decision to terminate dozens of roles within Cloud.Staffers want affected employees to be given more time and support to find new roles.

8.Former Disney chief Bob Iger is jumping into the metaverse. Iger is investing in Genies and joining its board of directors. Genies is a startup popular among celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

9.A leaked email shows Microsoft expects its HoloLens-like goggles to disappoint soldiers. In two months, the US Army is scheduled to begin real-world operational tests with Microsoft’s mixed reality goggles — and the company is bracing for negative feedback.

10. It’s official: Pete Davidson is going to space. The SNL star and Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend will blast off on Jeff Bezos’s next Blue Origin launch, scheduled for March 23.
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