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10 Things In Technology News Today

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

1. Apple warns of increased iPhone security risks: Apple has issued a security update for iOS and iPadOS devices, urging users to install it as soon as possible. The update fixes a vulnerability that could allow hackers to execute malicious code on iPhones and iPads through maliciously crafted web content.

In Other News:

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-
DawentsIT: All Things Technology News-

2. Microsoft unveils new AI tools for Windows 11: Microsoft has announced a set of new AI-powered features for Windows 11, including an improved voice assistant, a smart clipboard, and a personalized taskbar. The features are designed to make Windows 11 more intuitive, productive, and accessible.

3. Google can’t guarantee its Gemini genAI tool won’t be biased: Google’s new text-to-image generator, Gemini, displayed glaring biases after only three weeks online. The tool, which uses generative AI to create realistic images from text descriptions, produced images that were racist, sexist, and offensive. Google has taken the tool offline and said it will never be 100% sure the same issues won’t resurface.

4. Elon Musk sues OpenAI alleging breach of founding agreement: Elon Musk, the co-founder and former chairman of OpenAI, has filed a lawsuit against the AI research organization, claiming that it violated the terms of their founding agreement. The lawsuit alleges that OpenAI has become a for-profit entity that competes with Musk’s companies, and that it has failed to share its AI breakthroughs with the public.

5. Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘GenAI will redefine the future’: In an interview with Time magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his vision for the future of technology, especially generative AI. Cook said that generative AI, which can create original content such as music, art, and code, will unleash human creativity and transform every industry.

6. The ROI in AI (and how to find it): A report by McKinsey & Company has revealed the challenges and opportunities of investing in AI. The report found that AI can generate significant value for businesses, but also requires careful planning, execution, and measurement. The report also identified six best practices for maximizing the return on AI investments.

7. It’s the end of the road for the Apple Car: Apple has reportedly shelved its project to build a semi-autonomous vehicle, after years of speculation and rumors. The company has instead shifted its focus to developing generative AI technologies, which it believes will have a bigger impact on the world. However, Apple will still benefit from the research and innovation that it gained from the car project.

8. Spain will create foundational AI model in local languages: Spain’s Prime Minister has announced a plan to create a large language model (LLM) in Spanish and other local languages, such as Catalan and Basque. The LLM will be developed with the collaboration of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the Royal Spanish Academy of Language. The project aims to boost the development and adoption of AI applications in Spain.

Odds and Ends:

9. Dell ramps up ‘AI PC’ plans with Latitude and Precision refresh: Dell has announced a major update to its PC and laptop line-up, featuring new processors, graphics, and designs. The update also includes the addition of NPU processors, which are specialized chips for on-device AI processing. Dell said that the NPU processors will enable faster and smarter AI applications on its devices.

10. AI chip sales are driving stock markets to new records: Nvidia, the leading maker of AI chips, has reported a record revenue of $7.1 billion for the fourth quarter of 2023, up 34% from a year ago. The company’s strong performance was driven by higher demand for its chips from cloud, gaming, and automotive customers. Nvidia’s stock price has also soared to new highs, making it the most valuable US chipmaker.
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