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Happy Friday, folks! Today we’re telling you about the arrival of Peloton’s video game, and sharing the best Presidents’ Day sales available now.

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1.It’s here: Peloton’s long-awaited video game has finally arrived. Lanebreak, the company’s in-app video game that aims to make exercise entertaining, is now available for Peloton Bike and Bike Plus owners. Here’s the rundown:

*In the game, riders control a “wheel-like avatar” along a six-lane track (think Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road). The further right a rider goes, the higher the resistance becomes, and the harder the workout gets.
*Bikers can choose from four different difficulty levels, from beginner to expert, and from several different playlists, with music from artists like David Bowie and David Guetta. Here’s how to find the game on your peloton.
*The game’s release comes despite weeks of drama for the connected-fitness company, which saw thousands of layoffs following its CEO’s resignation earlier this month. Leaked screenshots seen by Insider showed employees’ names disappearing en masse from the company’s Slack.

2.Spotify reportedly paid $200 million for Joe Rogan’s podcast. Spotify’s exclusivity deal with the controversial podcast was initially valued at $100 million — but the streamer actually paid Rogan double what was reported, according to the NYT.

3.People with bionic eye implants are going blind again as the gadget expires. Hundreds of people have a discontinued retinal implant in their eyeballs — and the nearly bankrupt company that made it isn’t offering to remove or update the device.

4.Future Chevrolet Bolts could have airless tires. According to CNN, Michelin has been working with General Motors to develop airless tires that would be sold on the next-generation electric vehicle, expected to go on sale in the coming years.

5.Leaked document shows Amazon’s ambitious physical stores plans are falling short of expectations. Data viewed by Insider revealed far fewer people are using Dash Carts, its cashierless grocery carts, than it predicted. While it hoped the carts would handle roughly 30% of all shopping sessions, the number is between 11% to 15%.

6.Cisco is making more changes to how its salespeople are compensated. Now, employees will earn a higher commission when selling subscription-based products than they would for one-time purchases —and some are worried it’ll hurt their bottom line.

7.Experts share what privacy changes Apple could make next. Apple roiled advertisers last year with its ad updates, and insiders think it could have more plans to clamp down on tracking — like creating its own version of Privacy Sandbox.

8.Microsoft is hiring for over 6,600 US roles — so we outlined the qualifications you need to get hired. The tech giant is ramping up hiring in areas like engineering and data science, with many jobs paying over $100,000 in base salary. To nab one of those high-paying roles, applicants need certain certifications and skills.

9.Review: The hybrid Lexus UX proves even luxury cars can be quirky and fun. Starting at $36,425, the 2021 Lexus UX 250h hybrid is young, fun, and colorful, with a sporty exterior and a beautifully designed — but slightly cramped — interior.

10.We listed the 45 best Presidents’ Day sales available now. Big names like Best Buy, Mirror, and GoPro are lowering their prices on tech and appliances this weekend.
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