DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Thursday-

DawentsIT: All Things in Technology news you need to know this Thursday-

DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-DawentsIT: All Things Technology Today-

1.Samsung just announced its next generation of foldable phones.As a rival to the upcoming iPhone, these foldables come with stronger screens and lower prices than previous editions.
2.Some Amazon customers are ditching Prime after Jeff Bezos’ trip to space.When Bezos returned to Earth, he thanked Amazon’s customers for funding his space trip — in what some customers saw as a gross display of wealth.
3.Major companies are hesitant to mandate vaccines.While major tech orgs like Facebook and Google have announced vaccine mandates, others like Lyft and Uber have required the shot for their corporate employees — but not for their front-line, blue-collar workers.
4.Google employees who opt to work from home indefinitely could face pay cuts up to 25%.A leaked salary calculator obtained by Reuters showed that some remote employees — particularly those with long commutes — could face pay losses.
5.Instagram added new features to block racist, sexist, and homophobic comments.The new features aim to protect creators from abusive comments posted by users who aren’t among their regular followers.
6.Cisco employees are bracing for layoffs.Layoffs have become a summer tradition at the computer-networking giant in recent years — employees have come to expect mass layoffs after the fiscal year ends in July.
7.The pandemic made it so you can watch new films at home sooner.Movies will be shown for a shorter amount of time in theaters before landing online — meaning you can watch new films at home sooner than before.
8.Amazon’s new “air hub” will help it deliver packages faster.The $1.5 billion facility in Kentucky is supposed to help ensure quicker delivery times nationwide.
9.A former coder at the fitness app Strava explains how she overcame imposter syndrome.As the only woman on her team, this writer found ways to avoid self-sabotage — including seeking out trusted coworkers and advocating for more women hires.
10.Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates will help a mineral company search for metals used in EVs.KoBold Metals will spend $15 million to search for nickel, copper, cobalt, and platinum in Greenland.
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