DawentsIT: All Things Technology This Wednesday-

DawentsIT: All Things Technology news you need to know this Wednesday-

1.Apple is suing a company that makes iPhone-hacking software. The tech giant is also notifying a “small number of users” it thinks may have been targeted by its tech, known as Pegasus.

*The iPhone-maker has filed a lawsuit against spyware firm NSO Group and its parent company Q Cyber Technologies.
*Apple claims the Israeli companies market products that have been used to target and harm Apple customers.
*Earlier this month, the US Commerce Department blacklisted NSO Group for what it described as “malicious cyber activities.”
*Pegasus is alleged to have been deployed by governments against dissidents, journalists, and diplomats, the Guardian previously reported.

2.ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is raising funds to build its own version of real estate marketplace Zillow. The tech firm is in talks with investors around developing a similar offering to Zillow for the Chinese market, Bloomberg reported.

3.Nick Clegg joined Facebook in 2018, but he has been quickly welcomed into Mark Zuckerberg’s inner circle. The former UK deputy prime minister has become a key decision-maker at the recently-rebranded Meta.

4.Elon Musk just sold another batch of Tesla shares worth around $1.05 billion. The Tesla CEO exercised options to buy 2.15 million shares before selling around 934,091, Reuters reported, citing US securities filings.

5.Documents reveal how Anduril, a startup backed by Peter Thiel, is using AI to build an army of data labelers to build a virtual border wall for the Biden administration. The labelers, signed to NDAs, determine whether objects flagged by surveillance towers are people or animals.

6.At least 600 Google employees — less than 0.5% of its workforce — reportedly drafted a manifesto opposing the company’s vaccine mandate. CNBC reported that Google requires all employees to be vaccinated by December 3, but some have opposed the move.

7.Target is poaching engineers from Amazon to help it “leapfrog” Amazon Go technology. The retailer wants to make sure it doesn’t fall behind Amazon, which has started to rollout its own cashierless stores.

8.The Biden administration paid almost $1 million in legal fees to end a court battle over Trump’s WeChat ban. President Trump issued an executive order last year that banned WeChat.

9.Apple told the SEC it doesn’t silence employees regarding workplace harassment or discrimination, but new whistleblower documents show that isn’t true. The document points out that the tech giant will go to lengths to silence its former employees.

10.Andy Jassy was reportedly surprised when Jeff Bezos asked him to be his successor. The new Amazon chief executive said he wasn’t “clamoring” for the role and said that he loved his previous role at AWS, according to Vanity Fair.
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